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Belisle MJ, Roberts MW, Williams TC, Tufts MW, Tucker AA, Saric WS, and Reed HL. 2012. A transonic laminar-flow wing glove flight experiment: Overview and design optimization. AIAA Paper 2012-2667.
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Hartshorn F, Belisle MJ, and Reed HL. 2012. Computational optimization of a natural laminar flow experimental wing glove. AIAA Paper 2012-0870.
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Belisle MJ, Roberts MW, Tufts MW, Tucker AA, Williams TC, Saric WS, and Reed HL. 2011. Design of the Subsonic Aircraft Roughness Glove Experiment (SARGE). Invited, AIAA Paper 2011-3524.
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Belisle MJ, Neale TP, Reed HL, and Saric WS. 2010. Design of a swept-wing laminar flow control flight experiment for transonic aircraft. AIAA Paper 2010-4381.
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Mavris DN, Saric WS, Ran H, Belisle MJ, Woodruff MJ, and Reed HL. 2010. Investigation of a health-monitoring methodology for future natural laminar flow transport aircraft. Invited, ICAS Paper 2010-1.9.3.
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Avila M, Belisle MJ, Lopez JM, Marques F, and Saric WS. 2008. Mode competition in modulated Taylor--Couette flow. J. Fluid Mech. 601: 381–406.
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Belisle MJ. 2007. Experiments on mode competition in temporally-modulated Taylor--Couette flow. Master’s thesis, Arizona State University.